Cushion Sizes

  • Single Lumbar Cushion

  • Or Choose 50cm to 55cm Cushion

  • 50cm to 60cm Cushion In Corner 

  • 50cm to 55cm Cushion On Sides

  • Layer with Smaller Cushions or Lumbars

Sofa's , Nooks or Benches
  • 50cm to 60cm Cushion At The Back

  • Layer Smaller 50cm to 55cm Cushion At Front 

  • Or Choose to Layer with Lumbar in Front 

Twin Beds 
  • Single Lumbar 

  • Or 55cm Cushion with a Lumbar 

Queen & King Beds
  • Start with Two 60cm Cushions

  • Layer with A Lumbar Cushion 

  • Or Layer with a 50cm Cushion and a Lumbar 

Full Beds
  • Two 60cm Cushions 
  • Layer with a Lumbar 
  • Or Layer with 50cm Cushion